Monday, February 06, 2006

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle on the race

Here's an article from the Rochester D & C on the race:

Walsh, who lives in the town of Onondaga in Onondaga County, said 2004 was an anomaly: He always expects a competitive election. He questioned whether voter unrest about the Iraq war and the ethical scandals in Washington, for example, will affect local congressmen at the polls. Walsh is a powerful House member through his leadership role on the House Appropriations Committee, allowing him to bring home millions of dollars in aid for projects.

He started representing the Rochester area in 2003, when federal redistricting sliced up Monroe County into four congressional districts. Before that, Slaughter's 28th District included most of the county.

"It's pretty clear that people sort it out; they are smart, and if you're doing a good job, they respond," said Walsh, 58, first elected in 1988.

But at least three potential Democratic candidates don't think Walsh is doing a good job, essentially claiming that he's too tied to the Republican majority. All three are anti-war candidates; Walsh supports the war.

Paloma Capanna, 39, a Webster lawyer, has vowed to force a primary if she doesn't win the Democratic nomination this spring. She has been holding town-hall style meetings with voters.

"The political viability of our campaign is A-plus across the board," she said.

Dan Maffei, 37, of DeWitt, Onondaga County, was an aide to former Sen. Bill Bradley, D-N.J., and the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, D-N.Y., and last year helped run Syracuse Mayor Matt Driscoll's re-election campaign.

"We have a situation where upstate New York is paying the price for Washington's mistakes," Maffei said.

Candidate Ken Howland, who grew up in Irondequoit and lives in Port Byron, Cayuga County, describes himself on his Web site as a Vietnam War veteran. He could not be reached for comment.

But Walsh, who has about $508,000 in his campaign fund, said his opponents have little to offer. "All they have are promises, and promises are easy to make," he said.

Maffei had about $96,000 in his campaign fund as of last week. Capanna has about $20,000.

By the way, this puts myself as first to report the fundraising numbers, the D & C second, and the Post-Standard has yet to. I am also the first to report the news of another potential candidate. So while the Post-Standard isn't lobbing softballs to Jimbo, they are failing to report news. Good work guys.


At 9:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Blog I would hate to see any of the Democrats force a Primary!! That quote is a telling statement and we need to unify as a whole and defeat Walsh and the Majority. Thanks Watcher keep up the great job.


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