Thursday, February 23, 2006

Passing On Port Security

Jimbo was outraged, outraged, outraged! at the attempted sale of six east coast ports to UAE. But it seems that Jimbo wasn't so concerned about it before.
  • Jimbo voted to kill an amendment that would have provide $2.5 billion and specifically $250 million for Port Security, $800 million for First Responders, and $150 million to defend against chemical weapons.
  • Jimbo also voted against an amendment that would have added $6.9 billion to the Homeland Security budget and specifically $400 million for Port Security and $13 million for new overseas Port Inspectors.

I guess this is to be expected when your congressman has this position on security. I wonder what got him so outraged though, maybe Jimbo is a little nervous about re-election.

Hat tip to the DCCC.


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