Thursday, February 16, 2006

Not a Vampire

Jimbo is actually showing up in public according to the Sub-Standard:

Syracuse United Neighbors will hold a second meeting at noon Saturday at Most Holy Rosary Church, 111 Roberts Ave., to discuss the increasing cost of heat this winter.

Rep. James Walsh, R-Onondaga, is expected to speak about federal money to help with heating bills. For more information, call SUN at 476-7475.

I think this would be a great opportunity for outraged citizens to show up and ask Jimbo the tough questions the Sub-Standard has refused to. Maybe you could ask him about why he agrees with Pat Robertson so often, or why he has take so much money from lobbyists, or why he voted for the disastrous Medicare law or maybe why he feels the need to verbally berate or even why after 17 years in office he has no plan to fix our economy or protect us from terrorism. Be sure to tell him The Watcher sent you.

Hat tip to Austin.


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