Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Moment on Strategy

The purpose of this site is not to tear down any of the Democratic candidates, but I do have to take issue with the Capanna campaign today. The other day in the Sub-Standard article on the the race, this was said:

"We are certainly in this race to win," Capanna said. "I want to serve in Congress."

The emphasis is mine, and initially I was willing to pass it off as a quote out of context, or a rookie mistake when dealing with the press. Unfortunately, this was included in the e-blast update:

Paloma continues to earn media coverage, and is quoted in this week's Syracuse Post Standard: "I am in this race to win. I want to serve in Congress." Having heard her say the same since early September, hurray that it is finally in print. A strong message of commitment is now on record with the voting public. Thank you Reporter Peter Lyman.

Emphasis is mine again. I think it is clear that Ms. Capanna needs to reassess why she is running, is it because she wants to serve in Congress or she wants to make a positive change for our area? After she answers that question, she needs to fix her message.

I don't want to use this site to attack any Democratic candidates, but in the end I want a candidate who has the message to take on Jimbo come November. Right now Ms. Capanna's message is all about her and not the people of Central New York.


At 5:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I could not agree more. Each statement seems to be more self-serving than the last (remember when she said that no matter what happened with a primary, she would run till November...guess her priorities are straight). Is she even a registered Democrat? Watcher, you need to look into this.

At 11:42 PM, Blogger The Watcher said...

I would have to believe that she is a Democrat or else she would need a Wilson-Pakula in order to run. At this point I am supporting no candidate over any other, but when I feel one is using a bad strategy, I will criticize them. I want the strongest possible candidate to take on Jimbo, I think that who ever wins the committee votes should be the candidate, and the loser/losers should step aside for party unity. That said, it is certainly any candidate's right to run a primary.


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