Sunday, February 12, 2006

Kicking Seniors While They Are Down

Not only is Jim supporting Bush's backed door privatization of Social Security and funding numerous candidates who want to privatize social security, but now the Medicare law that he felt so important he needed to threaten other members of Congress is a complete debacle. Here's the kind words the Post-Standard had for it in the Saturday Quiz:
1. The problem with the new Medicare drug plan is:

a) It will cost the federal government $30.5 billion in its first year and a 10-year total of $678 billion through 2015.

b) Confusion about the transition has caused lapses in medication.

c) It prohibits Medicare from negotiating on the prices it pays the pharmaceutical industry for drugs.

d) Private insurance plans will "cherry-pick" the healthiest seniors, leaving behind a group of Medicare applicants that are far more expensive per person. In the words of Sen. Hillary Clinton, "This will create a two-tiered system and start an insurance cost death spiral that will unravel Medicare's financing."

And drum roll... The answer:
1) All these and more.


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