Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Everywhere You Turn: Corruption

When I started this blog, I intended to focus more on Jimbo's poor policy positions, but everywhere I turn, I find Jimbo tied in with more and more corrupt politicians.

Jimbo, of course, found a corrupt horse to back in the Governor's race, Bill Weld. Mr. Weld is of course caught up in a scandal involving a college he was president of.

On the legal front, a federal prosecutor said Mr. Weld had not been ruled out as a target in the investigation of student loan fraud at Decker College, a bankrupt Kentucky trade school at which Mr. Weld served as chief executive for 10 months until October of last year. The disclosure, first reported by The Phoenix, a weekly paper in Boston, appears to contradict what Mr. Weld has said in the past.


The scandal at Decker College has been difficult for Mr. Weld to shake. The school collapsed into bankruptcy weeks after he left his post as chief executive, and it is now the subject of a federal investigation into financial aid fraud.

In his endorsement of Mr. Weld, Jimbo said this:

It’s about the future of my state. I’m concerned.

Apparently Jimbo wants the future of New York to look more like the Republican Culture of Corruption in Washington.

PS. How out of touch do you have to be to endorse the former governor of Massachusetts to be governor of New York?


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