Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Democratic Primary Update

First, I got this e-blast from Paloma Capanna's campaign:

Last Week…
Paloma was a whirl! She met with County Legislators, Democratic leadership, business leaders, Reporters, and - Paloma's favorite - people! A highlight of the week was speaking to the Clay & Cicero Democratic Committees. Q&A was animated, and many new volunteers and connections were made. Another highlight of the week was Paloma's lecture for the Onondaga County Bar Association on domestic violence issues. This is a practice area in which she has been a tireless fighter, both for private clients and for poverty level pro bono clients. Her law practice will now include pro bono cases throughout the District.

…and Next.
Magnifique! Paloma is off to Washington, D.C. for strategy sessions with our national consultants, a meeting at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and various meetings with Political Action Committees. Count on Paloma heading straight into a presentation to the Monroe County Democratic Committee on Thursday evening, and then a full day of meetings in Syracuse on Friday.

Then I was alerted to Dan Maffei's announcement of his steering committee, which includes:

Headlining the impressive Maffei committee are Syracuse native and former Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe, Unity Mutual Life Insurance Chairman John F.X. Mannion, New York State Democratic Party Vice-Chair Ed Szczesniak, Syracuse Common Councilor Stephanie Miner, Syracuse Common Councilor Van Robinson, Monroe County Legislator Stephanie Aldersley, Onondaga County Legislator Mark Stanczyk and Maura Moynihan, the daughter of the late Senator.

It looks like Mr. Maffei has wrapped up most of the Party apparatus in Onondaga County, so Ms. Capanna may not have much luck in finding supporting here. I think most damaging for Ms. Capanna is the endorsement of Mr. Maffei by 2002 Democratic Nominee Stephanie Aldersley, who hails from the Monroe County portion of the district. I have always been open to all candidates in this race, however the poor fundraising numbers for Ms. Capanna were a set back, but the Aldersley endorsement looks to me like a vote of no confidence. Though, I have always felt that Ms. Capanna's Monroe County residency would be a huge disadvantage.

As for the other candidates, I have heard nothing further on Jean Kessner and Ken Howland is basically not running besides his website. Any info on either of them, please email me.

Hat tip to Mike.


At 2:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paloma is amazing...she has been seriously out-fund raised and is now losing support of the Dem. organizations in this district, yet she announces she will take this fight to the end. Glad her motivations are so noble.

At 6:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paloma really needs to step away while she hasn't vested too much into this race. Maffei runs away with the nomination and let’s not think what he would do to her in a Primary. A lopsided loss in a Primary would destroy any future chances of her becoming a serious candidate. The writing is on the wall, Ms. Capanna, please concentrate on getting an elect able candidate (Maffei) elected.


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