Saturday, January 14, 2006

Social Security on the Roulette Wheel

Rather than taking a real position on George W. Bush plan to put your Social Security safety future in the hands of a roulette wheel Jim Walsh delivered this mealy mouth statement back in January:

For the record, the White House has yet to release a formal proposal by the President regarding Social Security. I do not believe that the Social Security system is in crisis... There is ample time to consider all proposals -everything from changing trust fund investment options to extending or increasing the payroll tax - and to develop new solutions. I welcome an open, honest, and unhurried review of all options and look forward to representing the views of my constituents in this upcoming national debate

But as the old adage says, actions speak louder than words, and Jim has sure acted in a way different than he speaks. Since 2001:

  • Jim has donated $49,000 to members of Congress who support privatizing Social Security.
  • Jim gave as much as $24,000 to candidates who supported privatizing Social Security.
  • Jim gave an eye popping $612,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee which in turn used that money to try to elect countless other Social Security Privatizers.


I think Jim's position is pretty clear now.

Of course, privatizing Social Security is a relatively minor offense in comparison to some of the other things these people, who the esteemed Congressman has donated to, support or have done. That's an issue for another day though.


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