Sunday, January 29, 2006

Did Jim Keep a Straight Face?


I guess the straightforward answer to that is, no. There are people who have a reputation for being willing to work with them. I guess I don't have that reputation.

Jim took more money from lobbyists than any other New Yorker in Congress in 2004.

And then you have (former House Majority Leader Tom) DeLay, who plays hard, and fast, and some say loose, close to the edge. Very aggressive politically, made a lot of enemies, including another aggressive politician in Texas, who happens to be the prosecutor in his county. So he's going to have to deal with that.

Jim has donated to DeLay's Legal Defense Fund, he votes with DeLay 93% of the time and he voted to change the rules so DeLay could remain Majority Leader if indicted.

We'll deal with more of this "interview" later. Including how the Post Standard gave him nothing but softballs.


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