Monday, January 16, 2006

Can't Shake the Stank

Jim has made his decision as to who he wants to replace Tom DeLay Mini-Me Roy Blunt as Majority Whip according to this article.

Walsh said he will support Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., for majority whip if Blunt is elected majority leader.

Yet again, Jim has jumped into bed with a Republican Culture of Corruption enabler and Jack Abramoff compadre. Here are some highlights, or lowlights depending on your outlook, on Mr. Cantor relationship with Abramoff:
  • Cantor took $31,500 from Abramoff Tribal Clients then miraclously became interested in Casino gambling in Louisiana. He got so interested in fact he signed a letter to the Secretary of the Interior on behalf of one of Abramoff's Tribal Clients. (Source)
  • Cantor held a fundraiser at an Abramoff owned Kosher Deli, then failed to pay or report debt for the catering provided by the deli until his failure was publicly report. The deli also had a sandwich named after Cantor. (Source)

Time to invest in some tomato juice Mr. Walsh, that or find a new group of friends.


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