Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Brief Lull

The rate of posting is going to slow down for the few days while I take care of somethings with the site, etc. Fear not though, it will be back in full swing in a few days.

Until then, enjoy this Dick Morris article on why this site matters:

The most recent Fox News poll indicates that Americans see the Republican congressional majority as materially more corrupt and more responsible for the current spate of scandals than the Democrats. Indeed, the building sense of popular anger against the GOP resembles nothing more than the last congressional scandal — the bounced-check congressional bank affair of 1991 — in its political impact. But that scandal paved the way for Newt Gingrich’s takeover of Congress three years later. This scandal may undo the Republicans.


But this scandal is different. With Republicans so completely in control of the government, this scandal is theirs. Asked “which political party in Washington” is “more corrupt,” respondents to the Jan. 11 survey said the Republicans are by 33-15. (Forty percent said both were equally dishonest). Independents, the vital element in any potential Republican majority, rate the GOP as the more corrupt by 23-5.


Washington scandals come and go. But, about every decade or so, they metastasize into massive national affairs that embrace an entire political party. Republicans were victimized in 1974 by Nixon’s misconduct. Democrats kept Congress in 1992 after the 1991 check-bouncing scandal, but they did so because so many of their old bulls retired. In their places, Bill Clinton’s election swept into office young saplings who succumbed to the partisan wave of 1994, a wave kindled equally by disgust with Clinton and with the Democratic permanent Congressional majority.

The 2006 elections look to be another of these decadal bloodlettings, victimizing, this time, the Republicans.


At 12:04 PM, Blogger HaywoodJabuzzoff said...

Hey, Watcher!
Thanks so much for starting this blog. You have some great stuff here that is extremely helpful for painting Walsh's political portrait.

Hope Jimmy has been successful in making peace over in Ireland. Anyone know if he's back yet?

Thanks again, Watcher!


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