Monday, January 23, 2006

A Blast from the Past

It looks like the Post-Standard has long believed what I have been saying. Here are some quotes an editorial from Jim's 1992 campaign.

When we supported Walsh's first bid for a seat in the House of Representatives four years ago, we thought we were backing someone who would go to Washington with fresh ideas, the energy to fight to change the corrupting system.

Instead, Walsh signed up for the usual perks and settled down to work on the first priority of any career politician: re-election.


We'd be a lot more impressed if Walsh was on his feet demanding change. Instead, he's planning hearings on federal funding into research about turning cows out to graze in the summer, potentially increasing milk production already glutting the market.


We have been appalled by Walsh's narrow-minded view on social issues of great importance to every constituent in his domain.


Central New Yorkers in Walsh's old district might ask themselves if they are any better off after four years of his representation. The strongest affirmative answer would no doubt come from the cows.


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