Thursday, November 06, 2008

its done, thank you Syracuse

We did it. We have a Democratic congressman representing Syracuse.

After Walsh resigned, and the economy (and Bush) imploded, it may have been inevitable that a dem would take the district. But Dan Maffei is not an ordinary politician. What he lacks in charisma, he makes up for in integrity and intelligence. I know this because I literally grew up with the guy at Levy middle school and then Nottingham HS. He is unusually curious and diligent; a good person who people can be proud of as their representative.

Congratulations CNY, and cheers to a new beginning.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Maffei Op Ed

Part of 'thinking big' is working for U.S. energy independence
By Dan Maffei


I am running for Congress because we need change. It's time for new leadership in Washington so we can finally have a real energy policy that fully addresses the root causes of skyrocketing prices and develops solutions that will give us permanent relief at the pump.

My plan takes the power away from Big Oil by taxing their huge windfall profits and eliminating the unconscionable subsidies they receive. It would reinvest the money into alternative and renewable fuels so we can end our dependence on foreign oil. In the long run, a workable and realistic energy policy is the only thing that will ensure affordable energy prices for our middle class and small businesses.

I have challenged my supporters to think big and that's what we need to do on energy. Let's make it a goal to be free from our dependence on foreign oil by 2020. This isn't a Democratic proposal, and it's not a Republican proposal. It's an idea that will benefit all Americans. Not everything we try will work, but if we don't have the courage at least to try, then nothing will change. It certainly seems as if prices are not coming down any time soon if we continue down this path.


Friday, May 09, 2008

AFL-CIO endorses Maffei

"The working people of this community know that because of this endorsement they know that I am the candidate that's going to really create jobs and make sure that there are really good jobs in this area, good jobs that will attract young people, attract new business in the future, that's the key and the earlier that message can be delivered the better,” Maffei said.

video from news10now here

Monday, May 05, 2008

Oaks out - Sweetland In.

Oaks withdraws, endorses Sweetland for 25th Congressional District
by Mike McAndrew
Monday May 05, 2008, 10:43 AM
Syracuse, NY -- Republican Assemblyman Bob Oaks ended his campaign for Congress this morning and threw his support behind Republican Dale Sweetland, the former Onondaga County Legislature chairman.
Sweetland also picked up the endorsement of the man he hopes to succeed, 10-term incumbent Rep. James Walsh, R-Onondaga.
Appearing at a 10 a.m. news conference at Clinton Square, the three urged Republicans to coalesce behind Sweetland as he takes on a heavily-funded Democratic candidate, Dan Maffei.
Walsh said he has urged two other Republican candidates seeking his job - David Gay and Mark-Paul Serafin - to also withdraw from the race and not force a primary election.

Oaks said his chances of becoming the endorsed candidate for the Republican committees in Onondaga, Wayne, Cayuga and Monroe counties were sliim. He said he considered forcing a primary election, but did not think it was in the party's interest.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Maffei returns donors' $16,000

Maffei's campaign said it will refund the money to four employees of Upstate Capital Inc., a reverse mortgage lender with headquarters on Basile Rowe in East Syracuse.
"We're not waiting," he said. "When we became aware of this, we took action. This is the kind of leader Dan Maffei will be in Congress. When there is something to take care of, he's going to take care of it."


Walsh, meanwhile, disclosed his own financial problems with missing money in his Washington political action committee, COLDPAC.
Walsh reported to the Federal Election Commission last week that $20,000 had been "misappropriated" to his COLDPAC treasurer, Christopher Ward, of Bethesda, Md.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Oaks in...

CENTRAL NEW YORK -- Assemblyman Robert Oaks adds his name to the race for the 25th Congressional District. The Republican candidate from Wayne County recently filed a statement of candidacy.Oaks has already raised more than $70,000. He will challenge former Onondaga County Legislature Chairman Dale Sweetland for the nomination.

Meanwhile, Democrats are expected to endorse Dan Maffei who lost to longtime Congressman James Walsh in 2006. Walsh is retiring in November.

Also - info on David Gay Here

Saturday, April 19, 2008

With an Assist from Darrel

Locally the Republican Party has complete control over the Independence Party. You have to look long and hard for the last Democrat endorsed by them. In 2007 all 19 of the Republican candidates for County Leg got the Independence endorsement and it went so far that the Chairwoman of the Party was also on Jim Walsh's payroll. So going into this Congressional race, you would think that the Republicans would give their candidate of choice the Independence nod, but not so fast.

Rewind to the Special Election for the 48th Senate District a few months ago. The Oswego Independence Party magically appeared and endorsed Will Barclay, the Jefferson County Independence Party, the only previously constitute IP in the district, responded by endorsing Darrell Aubertine. Under past rules, the Oswego County IP would determine the endorsement because the most votes for Governor cast on the IP line were in the Oswego County portion of the district. A series of court battles ensued, and eventually Barclay was put on the ballot by the courts the night before the election. (Side note: the NYS Dems screwed up the lawsuit by having Aubertine sue rather than an IP member, and since Aubertine wasn't an IP member he had no standing to contest) Anyways in response to all this, the State organization of the IP decided to change rules.

So while just a few months ago the Republicans in Onondaga County could name their candidate for Congress to the IP line, now all endorsements that cross county lines are made by the State Committee. And unless there is a strong force, like Joe Bruno, pushing a candidate, the IP will likely side with the candidate who looks stronger. With Dan massively outraising his opponents who collectively have 0 dollars, and the next filing period not until after petitions have gone out, the IP will be hard pressed not to endorse him. And it is all because of the Darrell Aubertine and the Jefferson County IP. It should also be noted, that Jim Walsh took 7,700 votes on the IP line in 2006 and he won by just 3,400 votes.